June Is National Safety Month

Safeguard your child's smile while they play sports during the summer and year round.

A custom dental mouth guard should be worn during all sporting events to prevent dental injuries to the teeth and soft tissues. Parents, you should also ensure your child has a properly fitting helmet or face masks depending on the sport they are playing.

Dental injuries are very common during participation sports.  Preventing oral injury should be a goal for parents, coaches, trainers, camp counselors and gym teachers.

Wondering what type of dental injuries occur while your child is in a game or at a practice?  The more common types of dental injuries include:

  1. soft tissue injury to the cheeks, gums and lips
  2. injury to the teeth and facial bones

Many oral injuries can be avoided with properly fitted mouth guards or face masks.   Talk to Dr Victoria Kushnir, Johnsburg dentist, about getting a custom fitted mouth guard for your child.  Call Prime Dental Associates at (815) 385-4140 or email our office to request an appointment.


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